Sports Flooring

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Sports Flooring

In your busy hectic work like, find some time to be healthy for tomorrow. For that you should need a better platform to expose well. In Drapes India, we provide sports flooring engineered for professional grip, slide and jump standards. Our style of sports flooring are bound to bring out the best of any person's sports enthusiast. With the technical solution for any sports facility with firm underfoot comfort, sports flooring are the perfect solution for any professional sports as well as domestic purposes. To support with the optimum performance, safety, energy absorption, noise reduction, design and durability, sport flooring are designed to deliver the required support.

  • Engineered on energy absorption criteria
  • Better Safety
  • Noise reduction
  • Stunning designs

Drapes India handles the installation, sanding, refinishing your sports platform. Sports flooring offers great looks and extremely durable, and its surface provides better footing and they can even reduce leg and ankle injuries. Each nooks and corners is carefully tailor-done to deliver the optimum in quality and craftsmanship for a floor that will be durable, functional and inspirational. Drapes India provides clients the best possible experience when working with our pros. The design and specification service we offer is delivered in high detail. Installation of new sports floor deep sanding and refinishing of existing sports floors, custom design and painting gives versatile appeal to your performance attitude. The service is usually based on a fixed project price and the design and specification detail can be included as part of the overall package. Once the project is evaluated, , the floor is carefully measured and taped, and the templates are chalked before execution begins.


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