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Like any part of your body, your feet deserve equal care and comfort. Luxurious wooden flooring, imported from Germany makes your homes as stunning as it can ever look and feel. It features water resistance, anti-bacterial coating, scratch resistance. Easty to install & change. While Hardwood flooring has a lifetime guarantee, Engineered HDF (High Density Fiber) Wood flooring comes with a warranty of up to 30 years. Looking for more? Get in touch with us for Vinyl flooring, Sports flooring and Artificia Grass as well.

  • Sustainable
  • Durable
  • Improve indoor air quality
  • Environment friendly

Environmental sustainability is more than a trending catchphrase in flooring; it can have a real impact on value of your home. Flooring your home or commercial space needs good style of choice. Flooring has been into different kinds like, Bamboo, hard wood, vinyl, laminate etc. Drapes India, provides better flooring solutions for your flooring needs. we’re committed to helping you make your business and home environmentally sustainable with our high-quality eco-friendly commercial and residential flooring products. Your flooring choice can help you show your customers or guests you take your base responsibility seriously. The floor is one of the first things your visitor see when they walk in, Whether or not you spend a lot of time thinking about the floor, you do spend nearly all of your time doing something so fundamental we usually don’t think about it: breathing. Our flooring products are absolutely environment friendly. Wood flooring continues to drive commercial flooring trends every year. However, commercial flooring buyers today have more options than ever before.


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